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This practice has long and proud history of representing the interests of non-residents in France.

We specialize in international private law and international trade law and the mix of lawyers from different countries and of different cultures enables us to better understand and interpret the needs of our non-resident clients.

We are thus able to offer a comprehensive service of “legal conciergerie” to specifically address all the issues likely to be faced by non-resident persons in France, including facility management.

We have established partnerships with other professionals specially selected for their professionalism and competence, in France and abroad (United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany), who work under our responsibility


Nous sommes à votre écoute ! Le sens du service
la procédure judiciaire doit être l’ultime recours Des techniques spécifiques de résolution du conflit
service global de « conciergerie juridique » Une culture internationale
Une union de compétences juridiques complètes Une approche multi-disciplinaire

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