What is the international standard ISO 9001?

It is a certificate that confirms the high standard of service and commitment that the practice offers to all its clients. A mark of quality. It is issued by an independent certification body, AFNOR. Most importantly, this is an on going process, so that there is an annual, rigorous review and audit of the practices and procedures of the firm. It is not a process that the practice has to go through. It is a process the practice chooses to go through to make sure that it maintains high standards of service.

This commitment to quality blends naturally with the firm ethics and professional approach to serve clients interests well.


Alvarez & Arlabosse has strived to offer a quality approach to clients and to continuously improve its services.

The firm is proud to have achieved the international standard ISO 9001 in December 2007 under the control of the AFAQ.

It is one of only 2 law firms at the Bar of Draguignan to have achieved this prestigious award and this is a true testament to the standards of the practice.